Project Management

Project Management

Within the Weatherite Group we have a vast amount of experience in taking on the role of Project Manager and currently provide this service to a number of our existing clients.

We are fully conversant with and compliant in all aspects of undertaking the ‘Principle Contractor’ role in accordance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 and are happy to undertake this activity if the client requires it.

As Project Manager/ Principle Contractor we will take into account the general principles of prevention- as laid down by the CDM Regulations. We will control and organise co-operation between ourselves, the various sub-contractors and of course between the various sub-contractors who may have overlapping responsibilities. We will ensure all sub-contractors are fully compliant in terms of liabilities, health & safety, insurances, competences, etc, and proficient in their prospective roles whilst following the ‘construction phase plan’ compiled by us- in conjunction with the University.

We will also ensure all relevant inductions are undertaken in line with the regulations and that all method statements are agreed prior to any work being undertaken. Under the regulations we will also take the necessary steps to prevent access by unauthorised persons to the construction area.

We are fully aware of the responsibilities of the Project Manager/ Principle Contractor in ensuring good management of health and safety on site, as part of the successful delivery of any new installations or major upgrades and, in liaison with the client (and any relevant principle designer), understand we have a very important role in managing the risks of the construction work, whilst providing strong leadership to ensure standards are understood and adhered to, throughout the whole process. Our role as Project Manager will be to Plan, Manage, Monitor and Co-Ordinate the installations and major upgrades.