Heat Recovery Equipment

Heat Recovery Equipment

Commercial Heat Recovery Systems
Weatherite designs and manufactures high efficiency commercial heat recovery systems providing fresh air and improved climate control, whilst also saving energy by reducing the heating or cooling requirements, of your building.

Heat recovery technology offers an optimal solution:

  • Fresh air
  • Improved climate control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better sustainability

All our heat recovery systems are individually designed and built to deliver exactly the right solution to ensure optimum, prolonged performance. Our equipment also incorporates the very latest in heat recovery technology to deliver energy efficiency savings and CO2 emission reductions.

At the heart of every heat recovery system is the heat exchanger and we fit the highest efficiency plate heat exchangers as standard together with the very latest technology in terms of high efficiency heat pipes, EC plug fans, inverter drives and the latest remote interrogation control systems.

Custom Design and Build
Because we design and build each of our heat recovery systems to order, we can incorporate left or right hand configurations, horizontal and/or vertical duct outlets, integrated digital controls for simple and accurate commissioning and high efficiency filters. 

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