Hydrocarbon Packaged Equipment

Hydrocarbon Packaged Equipment

"Free Cool" - Packaged Cooling Solutions
Weatherite Air Conditioning Ltd has been one of the UK’s driving forces in  designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality, energy efficient, long lasting Packaged Cooling Solutions for commerce and industry for over 40 years.

As part of our continuous development programme, we have recently designed, manufactured and installed the first Rooftop ‘free-cool’ packaged air conditioning systems, utilising Hydrocarbon natural refrigerant, at a number of stores belonging to one of the UK’s leading retailers.

The global drive to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly means that companies across the world are now looking for ways to reduce their energy usage as well as becoming more active in reduce their carbon emissions associated with ozone depleting and global warming substances.

Innovative Cooling Equipment
Weatherite is renown for developing bespoke cooling solutions and for driving forward new product development initiatives and the new Rooftop 'Free-Cool' Hydrocarbon Cooling and Heating equipment is just one of a number of new initiatives Weatherite is involved in partnership with its prestigious customer base.

For more information on Weatherite Air Conditioning Ltd's 'Free-Cool' Hydrocarbon Cooling and Heating equipment call today on 0121 665 2266, email sales@weatheritegroup.com or use our enquiry form.  


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