Refurbishment HVAC Solutions

Refurbishment HVAC Solutions

Faced with the decision of whether to replace existing air conditioning, air handling, heat recovery and ventilation plant or try and refurbish the existing equipment is a dilemma many building owners and their FM partners face on a daily basis, particularly taking into account running costs, downtime, future energy usage and disruption.

However, with our dedicated ‘Specialist Refurbishment/ Replacement Department’, Weatherite will work with the client and their FM specialists, from initial survey activity through to signing off/completing the project- ensuring we deliver the best possible solution, on time and within budget.

At Weatherite Air Conditioning we have over 44 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing (where required) new HVAC equipment for all sectors of industry and as a result, have developed a reputation as one of the UK leaders in delivering innovative, energy efficient, long lasting solutions. However, replacement of expensive HVAC kit is not always an option as budgets are squeezed and, in a number of cases, correct refurbishment activity could prolong the life of the existing equipment- at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole system.

Our highly skilled, dedicated, refurbishment teams have years of experience in the field and can advise clients as to the feasibility of refurbishing the existing equipment on-site- providing the client with a cost effective, much improved and, in almost every case, a much more energy efficient solution, fully tested, commissioned and, if required, serviced and maintained by our team of experts.

We will undertake a comprehensive initial site survey, undertaken by our experienced engineers and provide the client with the most effective option and associated costings, whilst also outlining a proposed programme of works. If acceptable, a dedicated team will be assigned to the project and all aspects covered from initial risk assessment, project management, H&S compliance through to refurbishment of necessary equipment, re-commissioning and final handover of the completed job.

Advantages include:

  • Cost- In most cases the cost of refurbishing equipment will undoubtedly be less than replacing it- and solutions can be geared around the client’s available budget.
  • Timing- Refurbishment is usually a quicker option, minimising down time and possible disruption
  • Improved- operational efficiencies and life expectancy of the refurbished equipment
  • In most cases- a more energy efficient solution-saving on future energy bills
  • Less- on-going repair activity and expensive call-outs.
  • Less upheaval- as existing water, electricity services are often unaltered.


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