Replacement HVAC Solutions

Replacement HVAC Solutions

'Replacement Solutions from the Experts'

Air handling and air conditioning equipment installed some 15-20 years ago, in many instances is now coming to the end of its useful life.

The result is creating on going problems for managers responsible for their continued operation and performance deficiencies, frequent breakdowns and spiralling costs are just some of the issues that create a nightmare scenario.

Faced with these on-going problems, end users and FM providers need to seek an effective solution. For many, the high cost of purchasing new kit is exacerbated by the additional infrastructure costs involved and associated downtime due to disruption to the facility.

Substantial savings can be achieved in equipment, installation and on-going energy costs by using Weatherite’s ‘Direct Replacement Equipment’ incorporating the very latest in component technology.

We will provide a comprehensive survey of your existing plant and retain as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, only replacing worn out equipment where necessary.

We will then supply replacement cooling equipment, designed and manufactured to fit directly into the footprint of the existing equipment to be replaced. This means that existing ductwork and services can usually be utilised, saving thousands of pounds on new ductwork, ancillary equipment and labour costs.

'Incorporating the very latest high efficiency technology'

  • High efficiency EC fans
  • Variable speed drives
  • High efficiency scroll compressors with HFC refrigerants
  • High efficiency IE2 motors
  • High efficiency gas burners
  • BMS controls to interface with existing system
  • Units double skinned configuration for exceptional weatherproofing 

Because Weatherite Air Conditioning builds, tests and pre-commissions all of its equipment before delivering to site, installation times are kept to an absolute minimum.  

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