WispAir Range of Air Handling Units

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WispAir Air Handling Unit Construction Timelapse for Siemens

WispAir Range of Air Handling Units

WispAir is our range of advanced, energy efficient, fully compliant, quality Air Handling Units.

Our WispAir range offers a wide selection of AHU configurations, designed and manufactured to deliver energy efficiency, reliability and longevity as standard. All our AHUs incorporate the latest construction techniques, componentry, control technologies and heat recovery solutions - aimed at optimising system performance.

Our general WispAir range covers air flows from 0.3m3/s to 35m3/s however, as a bespoke manufacturer, we can design and build larger units - to suit each individual application.

Using the very latest selection and quoting software, which seamlessly links to our estimating, design, procurement and manufacturing interfaces, we can provide a speedy turnaround from initial enquiry through to delivery of equipment.

Our WispAir units are constructed using our tried and tested folded, double skinned, fully insulated technique and have been independently tested in accordance with BS EN1886:2007, mechanical performance standards. All our component selections and control protocols are also specifically selected to ensure optimum efficiency and performance.

All our units fully comply with the latest ISO/BS/EN standards and ErP Eco-Design Directives and are built in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality and ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards.

So, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit, side-by-side or stacked, floor or roof mounted, we will ensure we design and manufacture exactly the right solution- incorporating the very latest technology.


  • Comprehensive range of configurations
  • Customer defined- shape, size, configuration and performance built into each individual solution
  • A range of supply, extract and heat recovery permutations
  • Extensive range of operating duties
  • Exceptional acoustic and vibration control
  • Robust construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Independently tested to and compliant with BS EN1886:2007
  • Fully ErP compliant
  • Can also supply in multiple sections or as a flat-pack solution-to cater for dimensional/access constraints
  • UK designed and manufactured


We provide a comprehensive range of solutions, including a range of high efficiency components:-

  • High performance fans including plug, belt and direct drive with variants on impeller type-to suit each specific application
  • A wide range of filters - providing the right solution for each application
  • Optional intelligent integrated control technology-ensuring energy efficient operation - 24/7
  • A comprehensive range of heating options including gas, water, electric and heat pump
  • Heat recovery solutions including, mixing boxes, thermal wheel, plate heat exchanger and run-around configurations
  • Cooling options include chilled water, direct expansion and adiabatic
  • Motors: EC, IE2, IE3 and IE4 options
  • Special applications including a variety of humidifiers and desiccant wheels

Our WispAir range of quality Air Handling Units deliver an exceptionally quiet, compact, cost effective solution for small, medium and large applications.

For further information on our WispAir range of quality Air Handling Units call us today on +44 (0) 121 665 2266, e-mail us at: sales@weatheritegroup.com or use our enquiry form.


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