Data Centres & Telcos

Data Centres & Telcos

IT critical environments including data centres, server rooms, telco switching centres, comms rooms, financial trading and transaction processing centres are examples of areas dependent on the integrity and reliability of energy efficient, support systems.

At Weatherite Air Conditioning we have been supplying data centre/telco cooling solutions for well over 30 years and have thousands of cooling units carrying out critical cooling within establishments’ right across the UK.

With a range of critical IT cooling solutions that include direct free cooling, indirect adiabatic, direct adiabatic, in-row, modular and replacement equipment, whatever the requirement-we can deliver a highly efficient, energy saving, low PUE cooling solution.

For more information visit out dedicated Data Centre / Telco cooling solutions website, call +44 (0)121 665 2266 or use our online enquiry form today.


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