Data Centre / Telco Cooling Equipment


Data Centre / Telco Cooling Equipment

Weatherite has created a specialist Data Centre Cooling website to provide you with full details of our solutions and services.

We design, manufacture, install (depending on the clients specific requirements) and maintain a range of cooling solutions including:

  • Direct outside air free cooling
  • Direct adiabatic cooling
  • Indirect adiabatic cooling
  • In-row cooling
  • Modular / Containerized d.c.cooling
  • Containerised data centre cooling pods
  • Large fully packaged, free cooling
  • Telco cabin / Switch room cooling
  • Hot and Cold aisle containment

For more information visit our dedicated Data Centre / Telco cooling solutions website, call +44 (0)121 665 2266 or use our online enquiry form today.


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Weatherite offers Data Centre Solutions to suit almost any application.