Packaged Plantrooms

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Packaged Plantrooms construction timelapse for Waitrose

Packaged Plantrooms

Pre-fabricated, Off Site Plant
Demand for off-site manufacture of fully packaged plantrooms within the construction industry has steadily increased over recent years. More and more new build and refurbishment projects are being designed with pre-fabricated, off-site plant which provides the optimum solution more cost effectively and arrives fully tested and ready for final installation.

Work on building the plantroom can also commence in tandem with the main construction work and will be unaffected by on-site influences such as weather, health and safety issues and unforeseen disruption. A construction site is far from ideal to construct and install a plantroom and the benefits of undertaking the work in a clean and dedicated factory environment will invariably result in a better quality finished plantroom.

Bespoke Plantrooms - Multiple Services
At Weatherite, we design, manufacture, test and pre-commission bespoke packaged plantrooms to suit each clients specific requirement and, with over 40 years expertise, we will deliver a highly efficient, energy saving, quality solution incorporating the very latest component  innovation and energy saving capabilities.

Our range of Packaged Plantroom solutions can incorporate a number of services including:

• Heating plant         

• Hot water generation

• Cooling and refrigeration

• Switchgear, distribution

• Chiller plant

• Pump rooms

• Generator plant

• Water filtration Smoke extract

• Air handling plant

• Steam plant for heating or process systems

• Combined heat & power (CHP) or Combined cooling, heat & power (CCHP)

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